Air Conditioner Install

Looking to install a split system air conditioner in your home?  73 Electrical can help keep you cool in summer and cosy in winter. 

Our services include free professional advice on the best air-conditioner to suit the size of your home and your needs.  We can then supply and install all air conditioners, with discounts on many major brands.  With competitive prices, friendly service and free quotes, we are here to help. 

Our air conditioning services include:

  • Supply of major brand air conditioners with manufacturers warranty.
  • Advice on your air conditioner requirements.
  • Full installation and safety testing by licenced electrician.  100% work guarantee.
  • Upgrade of existing power supply if needed, by the same tradesman.  Don’t pay for a separate electrician.
  • Free quote & fixed price.

How to know what air conditioner is right for your home. We are often asked what size and type of air conditioner will best suit a home.  The answer is it is a combination of factors calculated to get the right system for your home.  These include room size, if your home is insulated, how many windows, the number of people in your home and the design of your rooms, be it enclosed or open plan.  By considering all these factors and more, we are able to predict what air conditioner you will need for the space, and also where it should be positioned for optimum performance.

Why does the right sized air conditioner matter?  You get the most from your air conditioner when it is the best size for the conditions of the room.  Essentially it comes down to efficiency.  Bigger isn’t always better as it may not operate at its optimum, and if too small it can work too hard; essentially if you choose the wrong sized air conditioner you will pay more in electricity.  The right sized air conditioner will slowly cool or heat your home in cycles.  Matching these cycles to your home conditions to get the right temperature by the end of each cycle, gives you the most efficient system for your home.  In other words, no unnecessary high electricity bills.

For more advice and a free quote call Dennis on 0408 753 028 or get in touch through our online form.

Come home to comfort with a quality installed air conditioner today.