Tip #73.1 Smoke alarm batteries should be changed every 12 months.

DSC_0775-2-favIt’s a good idea to pick a memorable day like April Fools Day or show holiday and replace the batteries in your smoke alarm each year on that day.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service also recommend the following:

  • check the battery once a month by pressing the test button, normally found in the middle of the smoke alarm.
  • If cooking smoke sets off the alarm, do not disable it.  Although your instant reaction may be to wave a tea towel near the device to stop it beeping, the best way to silence a smoke alarm is to push the hush button located on the device itself.
  • Keep them clean. Dust and debris can interfere with their operation, so vacuum over and around your smoke alarm regularly.

Smoke alarms wear out over time. They should be replaced prior to the expiry date on the manufacturer’s warranty. You may want to write the purchase date with a marker on the inside of the smoke alarm unit. That way, you’ll know when to replace it.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service recommend that all smoke alarms be replaced after 10 years.

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