Tip #73.5 What to check before starting work around electricity

DSC_2391-2 favSometimes, contact with electricity can occur unexpectedly, simply because the source is concealed, it is therefore best to check the following before working around electricity:

Turn the power off at your switchboard before drilling into walls, floors and ceilings because there could be concealed electrical wiring. Be particularly careful when drilling around power points and light switches.

Look up and around you. When using ladders or carrying other tall objects, always look out for powerlines and take care to avoid them.
Avoid contact with underground cables. Check your switchboard for a diagram or call ‘Dial Before You Dig’ on 1100.

When painting eaves, replacing or cleaning gutters, avoid getting close to the electrical wires that connect your home to the power poles.
When changing a blown light bulb, make sure the power is off to avoid being harmed by exposed filaments.

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