Tip #73.8 Get Appliances Tested Regularly by a Professional


DSC_2213-2-favIt’s important to regularly get a qualified and experienced professional to undertake a full inspection of your home or business and test all appliances to ensure they are fully compliant with safety standards. Implementing a regular test and tag program will provide you, your family and employees with the confidence that the building and all electrical appliances within it are as safe as possible.

Most electricians offer a test and tag service and it is beneficial to have all appliances and devices checked at least once a year.  An electrician conducting a test and tag inspection will, test all appliances and devices connected to power and ensure that they are safe.  They will then tag the device/appliance to show when it was tested and that it is safe for use.  Don’t risk having unsafe appliances connected to power at your place, have them checked today.

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