Tip #73.4 Electricity safety when doing home maintenance

DSC_0834-favEver used an extension lead when attempting a simple renovation, home handy work, or even just doing the weekly chores?  There are many things we do around the home that we just simply don’t realise could be an electrical risk.  Before picking up your next extension lead make sure to check out the below electrical safety rules:

  • Always use an extension lead that is appropriate for the power loading you need. Check that it has three prongs and is approved to Australian Standards.
  • Extension leads with only two prongs are not ‘earthed’ and are dangerous. If an appliance is faulty, a non-earthed plug can cause power to flow through the body of whoever’s using it, with potentially fatal results.
  • Fully unwind extension leads before you use them so that they don’t run the risk of overheating.
  • When painting around light fittings, don’t remove the light plate as this will expose live wires even when the light is switched off. Mask around it instead.
  • When tiling around light fittings, switches or power points, get a licensed electrician to remove the lights and deactivate any exposed wires before you begin.
  • Safety switches need to be checked regularly to ensure that all power and lighting circuits are protected.
  • Portable power boards with in-built safety switches can be bought from most hardware stores and are recommended for protection when using power tools.

If you are ever unsure about whether what you are about to do is safe it is best to always call an electrician first and ask.  Most electricians will be more than happy to provide advice over the phone to ensure you are safe when working around your home.

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