Tip #73.7 – What to do if your power goes out

There are a number of reasons your power may have gone out.  If you find yourself in the dark here are a couple of things you can check to work out what may be the cause:


1.  Are you the only property without power? 

Do a quick check to see if your neighbours also have their lights out or whether the street lights are still on.

  • if you neighbours are also affected then it is likely your power outage is caused by a wider power issue.  To see if there is an outage in your suburb you can check the following link https://www.energex.com.au/media-centre/rss-feeds
  • if it appears you are the only property affected then it is best to call an electrician to see what may have occurred and get them to conduct a safety check on your property.



2. Did your power go out when you used a specific appliance?

If yes, then you have probably tripped one of your safety switches.  This can happen if the device is faulty or there is an issue with your switchboard.

  • If this happens it is best to immediately unplug and not re-use the device until a qualified electrician has checked it.
  • Not sure how to turn a safety switch back on?  Call a qualified electrician to ensure your safety.


3.  Did you have multiple appliances all operating at the same time?

If yes, the most likely reason for your power outage is you have over-loaded your switchboard.  To be safe the best course of action would be to contact a qualified electrician to investigate the fault and ensure your property is electrically safe.

If you find yourself in the dark for a while due to a power outage in your area energex have provided the following safety tips on their website.

  • Keep a battery-powered radio with fully charged batteries handy and listen to your local radio station.
  • Access Energex’s website from your smart phone for regular power restoration updates.
  • Turn off and unplug electrical items.
  • Use a torch for light and avoid using candles.
  • Stay clear of wet or damp electrical items. You may need to contact a licensed electrician to determine if safe to use.
  • If you can see or hear something that could help identify the problem, like fallen powerlines or a loud bang, stay well clear and contact Energex immediately.
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