Tip #73.3 Avoid piggy-back or double adaptor connections

Electrical overloading can occur if too many cords are connected to outlets designed for only one or two plugs.

DSC_2403-2-favThis is a common mistake that many people make. Just because there are plugs there doesn’t mean that you get to put as many items as possible in that outlet. Be smart about it. If you have an item that takes a lot of wattage, put it on its own outlet; that way, you won’t be overloading or causing problems for other parts of the same circuit. If you have a lot of electrical items, make sure to use high-quality surge protectors in order to keep everything flowing correctly and to prevent problems in case of a surge.  You should always use power boards with in-built safety devices to avoid a power outlet overload.

The best advice is never use more than one double adaptor in a single powerpoint, and don’t piggy back power boards to create more points.  If you need more power outlets get a qualified electrician to come and check your property as you may need a new power circuit installed in your home or business.

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